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TLC Groups - for non professional carers.

TLC Groups are being run for those needing support while caring for their loved ones at home.

Next Date: to be arranged - Please phone Claire or Krista if you feel you would like one to one help.

TLC Workshop - For professional carers

The TLC Training Course is for Hospice, Hospital, Care Home Staff and Volunteers. It is designed to be delivered to all who may come in contact with a dying person in a care setting.

TLC is very simple and has been designed so that anyone with an open heart and good listening skills can sit and help another who may feel alone and perhaps in distress at the end of life.

Although TLC is simple, it is very trustworthy work. People who are dying are often fragile and vulnerable. We need to be aware of this at all times, to honour them, in every simple and important way. To listen to them, not to burden them with our own thoughts and expectations, to be tender, loving and kind at all times........


- The TLC core skills - when and where to use them

- Relaxation techniques

- Offering kindness and re-assurance

- Recognising the four stages of dying

- Helping people feel secure, comfortable and loved. Creating a calm space for the dying person and their family and friends

- Practical tips that TLC carers can offer to help with stress and anxiety

- Deep listening

- Simple vigiling

- Learning the importance of not trying to fix – acceptance

Your training day will be followed up after 2 or 3 weeks (or when required by you), by a 2 hour group sharing session and then one to one sessions with the trainer so that the staff can talk privately about any personal concerns they may have.

We very much hope that the TLC Course enhances the incredible work and care already given within your care facility.

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